Atlanta, GA

Bio: Have you had a Hattiecake? Hattiecakes™ is a made-to-order line of premium baked goods. But, don’t be fooled by the name – Hattiecakes™ is not your grandma’s pound cake! Our products are infused with top shelf libations that can be customized to suit every occasion. Behind the brand is longtime confectioner, Hattie Best, whose believes in a quality approach to baking. “I follow the Quality In, Quality Out (QIQO) rule when it comes to my creations.” she proclaims. From cage-free eggs, to organic butter, she insists on using only the finest ingredients. Originally from the northeast, Best learned to bake at an early age. She spent countless hours in the kitchen with her mother and aunts mastering the art of food. Over the years, those lessons were fused with current market trends, resulting in her niche brand of top-shelf confections. A graduate of Howard University (Washington, D.C.), Best moved to Atlanta and began a career as a software engineer. She worked in software by day and baked cakes at night, mastering her craft and building a local buzz. In her own words, "My products are not pretty party cakes made to please the eye – they are made to please the adult palate." So, whether you prefer Cream Cheese Cognac, Chocolate Bourbon, or best-selling MVP rum cake, Hattiecakes™ aims to have something for you.

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